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Committed to quality and excellence

Ken Morrison Ken Morrison July 23, 2019

The property industry has shaped modern Australia through its built environment as well as its huge economic and social contribution as our largest industry and employer.  Our industry is world-renowned for its quality, innovation and sustainability.

The industry has been in the spotlight amid public concern about building standards and defects which has been understandable in light of some recent issues affecting some buildings.

The disjointed response of Australian governments to building regulation, compliance and enforcement, including their response to the issue of flammable cladding, hasn’t helped public confidence.

Following strong lobbying by the Property Council and other industry groups, building ministers took the welcome step last week of agreeing to a national approach to building regulation. There’s still lots of work to be done, and a similarly consistent approach to cladding would have been preferred, but it’s a good place to start.

A consistent and focused approach from Commonwealth, state and territory governments is one part of the pathway to strengthening public confidence. Industry also has an important role to play in delivering better quality and standards.

Our industry overwhelmingly has a strong commitment to quality and excellence. We see that around us every day where we live and work. We’re realistic about what can be done better, but we don’t walk away from the great products, projects and places that we deliver for the Australian community every day.