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Karen Jamal Karen Jamal July 13, 2021

Vivienne Chen uses data and analytics to unearth insights and find solutions to tricky property problems. What are the tools of her trade? Find out in our latest installment of Secret Stars of Property.

Vivienne Chen, Head of Research and Investment Analyst, CI Australia

Three words to describe my job… Analytical, diverse and satisfying.

When I explain my role to people outside the property industry, I say… I use data and analytics to find solutions for commercial real estate owners and investors.

My three daily work essentials are… Excel, my amazing research team and a good cup of tea.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in my role… Be confident in reporting how things really are. Data doesn’t lie and even if it’s not the answer or suggested outcome someone was hoping for, people really appreciate honesty and knowing all the possible options and scenarios have been assessed.

My career motivation is… Being able to provide meaningful insights into commercial property for clients from all different backgrounds, from a private owner-occupier of a single strata suite to national corporations.

My advice to others considering a career in my field… Be organised from the get-go, every day. It lays the groundwork necessary to spend hours diving into deep data. Also, Ctrl+S regularly!

The building or project that embodies what I do… We have been working with the property team of a leading healthcare provider over the past two years, helping to inform their decision making on a number of initiatives. It’s an ongoing relationship that I feel extremely proud to be a part of, and we’ve been engaged to provide advice on a range of different projects, from assessing the pricing of potential acquisitions to creating detailed financial models to forecast the value of their existing assets.

The inspirational quote I live by… "The final 1% makes the other 99% perfect." – Andrew Hunter, CI Australia CEO.

This year I’ll be… Enjoying seeing commercial buildings in person again! There’s amazing technology and virtual tours out there but for me, nothing compares to the sense of place you get from physically walking into a building.


Who nominated Vivienne? Amy Kellow, Marketing and Communications Manager, CI Australia

Why is Vivienne a Secret Star of Property? As someone who has the opposite skillset of Vivienne (Maths never came naturally to me!), she has an amazing ability to analyse and interpret even the most complex sets of data. On an interpersonal level, she’s never too busy to help you understand the market better or explain why a certain trend is emerging. Everything she turns her attention to is completed with the highest level of skill, accuracy and efficiency.