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Expect the unexpected


Prime Build’s site operations manager Christian Orsini has learnt to expect the unexpected, and is embracing the changes of 2020. Find out more in our latest installment of #iworkinproperty.

Christian Orsini, NSW Site Operations Manager, Prime Build

What I love most about my job… The flexibility and autonomy I have to deliver my role, which requires me to be out and about managing multiple job sites each week. There’s a good mix of office work versus site work to keep things different.

How my work has changed since Covid-19… My biggest change is starting work from home instead of in the office each morning, which means I now have greater flexibility. We have also realigned our team’s work priorities and revisited the essential parts of their roles to re-prioritise specific elements. We also have an even bigger focus on staff welfare across the board, especially with more people working from home… particularly for those living alone.

How I’m adapting to the “new normal”… I’ve adapted very well. With just my wife and myself at home we are working efficiently.

My new workday essentials are… I love walking around the block while getting phone calls out of the way. I don’t like sitting all day, so getting up and moving around is essential.  Also, Microsoft Teams meetings are essential to see my team face-to- face.

The innovative technology or idea I’ve embraced is… I’m really enjoying the Microsoft Teams meetings.

My advice to others looking to implement this… Don’t be scared of change or new technology. COVID-19 has really forced our hand and made us see change can be good.

My most valuable skill in challenging times… Routine. I love sticking to a routine, albeit working from home instead of the office. I get up and work at the same time every morning and find it’s really important to switch off at the same time each night, despite it being tempting when you hear emails come in!

My biggest inspiration… My family is my biggest inspiration. By being efficient and sticking to my routine I can now have breakfast with my kids for the first time in 15 years. I also find I’m enjoying dropping them off at the school bus stop. I’m prioritising more time to spend with them now, which is really rewarding for us all.

One way I’ll work differently on the other side of this crisis… I won’t change my current routine which means more time spent with my family.

What I’ve learned so far from 2020… It’s been an unbelievable year, so I’ve learnt to expect the totally unexpected!