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Western Sydney Update

NSW February 6, 2020

Message from the Regional Director

Welcome our first monthly update for 2020.

2020 will be a year of region-shaping decisions, with the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan establishing an overarching framework for the economic precinct surrounding our new airport. In Parramatta, a new CBD Planning Proposal is scheduled to go out for consultation, and ultimately adoption by the year’s end.

It’s also the year the NSW Government has committed to the reform of NSW’s broken planning system. This is a bold ambition and we look forward to working with the NSW Government on the next steps of the process.

Following the finalisation of the Aerotropolis Plan and SEPP we can expect to find out more about contributions, value capture and precinct sequencing in the context of a Western Sydney Aerotropolis Place-based Infrastructure Compact, which is also set to be released. We’re also looking forward to the announcement of station for the North-South Rail Link, which has been rebadged as the Sydney Metro Greater West.

We’re also in the process of confirming the details of a member briefing from Sydney Water on infrastructure forward planning across greenfield sites in Western Sydney. Keep an eye on our events page for the time and location.

As always, I’m happy to keep in touch with members who want to contribute to our advocacy agenda. Feel free to get in touch with me on 0412897130 or via email to as the need arises.


Ross Grove

Western Sydney Regional Director


western sydney aerotropolis plan and sepp discussion paper

Late last year the NSW Government released a draft Aerotropolis Plan and discussion paper into the establishment of a State Environmental Planning Policy for the area defined as the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. The Aerotropolis Plan effectively replaces the Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan (Stages 1 and 2) discussed in previous updates.

We are pleased to note the Western Sydney Planning Partnership has adopted the feedback provided by the Property Council and other stakeholders regarding the use of flood controls that are consistent with NSW Government standards. The new plan provides additional detail and introduces the concept of a “landscape-led approach” seeking to create genuine meaning to the term “Parkland City”. At a practical level this involves the identification of parkland to surround the Wianamatta-South Creek and Kemps Creek areas, along with preserving natural view-lines from high points in the Aerotropolis across to the Blue Mountains.

The Draft SEPP makes provision for a broad approach to zoning, with labels such as Agribusiness, Enterprise, and Mixed-Use Zones which seek to be inclusive of as many permitted uses as possible in recognition of the variety of industrial and commercial investment an Aerotropolis can potentially attract.

The two documents are on exhibition for the coming month. For more information, visit the NSW Government’s Planning Portal here.



property council welcomes official start of parramatta light rail construction

The Property Council of Australia today welcomed the official beginning of construction of Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail network, connecting Westmead and Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia.

light rail

“Light rail will change the way Parramatta works forever. The linking of some of Parramatta’s greatest assets will create opportunities for investment in employment generating activity along the route for decades to come,” the Property Council of Australia’s Western Sydney Regional Director Ross Grove said today.

“Aligning the commercial strength of Parramatta with the Australia’s busiest health precinct at Westmead and the renewal of the Parramatta North will attract high-tech businesses who have not previously considered Parramatta as a viable place to locate.

“Light rail will also service an expanded visitor economy, as renewed cultural and sporting assets become easier to access. This is great news for Parramatta’s growing hotel industry.

“At the suburban level, residents living on the former Carlingford Line will for the first time have a decent connection into the rail network. No more single-track stations, no more hourly and half-hourly waits and no more waiting to cross Parramatta Road on the approach to Clyde. This is particularly important given the growth anticipated in these communities.

“For the first time public transport will be a genuinely attractive option for people looking to shift between the Parramatta CBD and key cultural, sporting, health and education destinations in Parramatta.

“The light rail team has been in constant liaison with key business and industry stakeholders for some years now, and their plans have adapted to the need to to keep disruption to a minimum. The long-term benefits of light rail will far outweigh the short-term stresses of building new infrastructure.”

A free bus service (Route 900) will connect former Carlingford Line commuters to Parramatta until the light rail service opens. For more information on construction activity, see here.

five-year housing forecasts put western sydney at the heart of future growth

The release of new housing projections positions Western Sydney at the heart of future growth, as emerging centres blossom and infrastructure rolls-out to meet future growth.

“Western Sydney councils are expected to accommodate two thirds of Sydney’s new dwellings over the next five years,” the Property Council of Australia’s Western Sydney Regional Director Ross Grove said today.

“Western Sydney is home to four of the top five council areas by measure of new dwellings forecast, with Blacktown and Parramatta leading the City of Sydney, followed by Liverpool and The Hills.”

“The emerging centres in Western Sydney are undergoing a rapid transformation. We’re seeing shift in perceptions about the region and residents have every reason to be excited about the future that awaits.

“These figures underscore the need for state and federal governments to stay the course on planned infrastructure investment, and to redouble their efforts to promote greater employment in the region.

“The Western Sydney Aerotropolis and the growing commercial centres at Parramatta and Liverpool are central to boosting local jobs, reducing commute times and reshaping perceptions about the lifestyle options available in our region.”


Additional dwellings forecast 2019/20 - 2023/24

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The Hills







Source: Department of Planning, Industry and Environment