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Fresh perspectives on seniors’ living

Karen Jamal Karen Jamal June 1, 2021

When LDK Healthcare, Cromwell Property and Gray Puksand converted a former government office building in Canberra into aged care they presented new possibilities for senior Australians.


  Why we love this project:

  • Greenway Views Seniors Living was created by converting five buildings that were formerly occupied by the federal government’s Department of Social Services
  • The development, which caters for seniors across the complete spectrum of care needs, will be home to 500 occupants across 380 apartments
  • Apartments range in size from 50 sqm studio apartments up to 120 sqm three-bedroom apartments.


Gray Puksand partner Kevin Miles says Canberra is ripe for adaptive reuse because of the high number of old government buildings.

“Given the ageing of our population, and location of some under-utilised buildings, it makes sense to give them new life with a seniors’ focus.”

The low-slung three-storey buildings proved perfect candidates for the change of use. The organic layout of separate blocks meant some could be dedicated to social activity, while internal courtyards and existing auditorium space could be retained.

Maria Correia, Gray Puksand’s director of interior design, says several factors determine whether a conversion from commercial to seniors’ living is viable. This includes ceiling heights, distribution of internal air, accessibility for ambulances and how easy it is to incorporate health and wellbeing amenity.

Designers consider “the ability to create a community, the outlook for the residents – whether it be overlooking a garden or a city view – and the ability to make it feel like home,” Correia says.

“While the structure of the existing building is integral, interior design also plays a huge role in transforming environments and, in the case of Greenway Views, colour is a big factor in creating more personable spaces.”

Gray Puksand’s design uses colours that minimise dementia agitation and help residents to navigate the buildings, while a bespoke aesthetic of brass detailing, marble, polished concrete, timber and luxurious carpet tiles have created a distinctive feel.

According to the World Green Building Council, embodied carbon in existing buildings is responsible for 11 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Miles says adaptive reuse projects like Greenway Views is a sustainable solution, as it retains the embodied energy in existing assets.

“For those landlords that have, perhaps, C-grade assets, we really should be thinking about new ways they can be used that genuinely will meet market demand and the needs of society,” Miles concludes.

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