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Getting from A to B

Ken Morrison Ken Morrison July 30, 2019

One of the key insights from last week’s Property Council London Study Tour was the vital role of public transport in driving big urban regeneration projects.

London has the edge on Australian cities because it leads with public transport for its urban regeneration sites. Good public transport helps to improve the accessibility, liveability and economic potential of each precinct they connect.

There are valuable lessons for Australian governments as they explore how to revitalise inner urban sites (such as Fishermans Bend in Melbourne). Good transport connections will be key to their success.

We also need to be thinking about how new ways of connecting with both private and public transport modes will change the way we move around our cities now and into the future. There are some thought provoking insights in this issue of Property Australia about how getting from A to B is changing in this era of rapid technological innovation.

Part of that task involves getting people to and from work. We’ll be reporting on the state of Australia’s CBD and non-CBD office markets tomorrow with the release of our latest Office Market Report. The results will also be discussed in more depth at our events around the country.