Property Australia

Growing together

Ken Morrison Ken Morrison September 3, 2019

This week we’ve been taking some time to celebrate a very significant milestone for the Property Council and one which also reflects the tremendous growth of the industry we are so proud to represent. 

Fifty years ago the Building Owners and Managers Association was formed under the leadership of Ray Powys who brought together leaders from across the emerging property sector.  

As the property industry expanded to serve a growing Australia, BOMA also grew its national reach and the breadth of our representation across the industry. In 1996 BOMA was reborn as the Property Council of Australia with an advocacy, education and research agenda and an ambition that reflected the capabilities and aspirations of our members. 

It’s an ambition that has continued to evolve as we expand the services that we provide to our members and the industry’s representation in the nation’s halls of power. 

You can read more about our story in this issue of Property Australia.  

For those nearly 800 of you that will be joining us at the Property Congress on Hamilton Island next week, you’ll also see a special anniversary tinge this year. 

We’ve been working in partnership with our members for 50 years to create prosperity, jobs and strong communities. And we’re ready to support you for the next 50.