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Housing Affordability campaign launch

Ken Morrison Ken Morrison March 23, 2022

It’s time to get serious about housing affordability.

Last week a major new federal Parliamentary report told us what we in this industry know very well – that Australia’s frameworks for providing new housing supply and choice are not fit for purpose.

The result is higher house prices, reduced affordability and less choice. These are impacts which are really beginning to bite.

New research to be released by the Property Council tomorrow shows that four out of five aspiring homeowners actually believe the dream of home ownership is unachievable. It’s a sentiment shared by the young and the old.

Some 83 per cent would like to see the federal government to work with states to get more housing built where people need it. Unsurprisingly, the research shows these issues will be a big factor in how 18-34 year old’s say they will vote in May.

The Property Council is championing these issues to governments around the country. Tomorrow we will launch a new campaign – called Our Dream – which aims to draw attention to the plight of aspiring home owners and urge all levels of government to step up to address the issue.

We’ve proposed methods for a federal government to lock-in best practice housing supply with the states and territories, ideas backed within the Parliamentary report.

As we move towards next week’s budget and the May election, our advocacy continues.

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