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Learning Journey

Karen Jamal Karen Jamal July 13, 2021

Industry knowledge, thought leadership and digital certification are even easier to access as the Property Council launches a new online learning platform.


Three key takeaways:

  • Learning at Property Council of Australia is a new professional development platform that allows users to learn anytime, anywhere
  • Developed by the Property Council Academy, this new online learning portal is linked to a broader promise of accessibility to education
  • The new offering features 36 on-demand courses and 50-plus virtual classroom courses scheduled for the year ahead.


“For the first time, we can connect our members to world-class training and subject matter experts in real-time and on-demand,” says Property Council chief executive, Ken Morrison.

“We know nothing replaces the value of face-to-face collaboration – whether that’s in the office or in the classroom. But, as we have learnt from remote working, people want more flexibility and choice. Learning at Property Council of Australia delivers that flexibility and choice.”

The global pivot to online learning was gathering pace before the pandemic, and is projected to top $450 billion by 2025. But Property Council Academy director Kelly Jones admits ‘edtech’ is not without its challenges.

Up to 50 per cent of Australian university students have voiced their concerns about online learning, according to a recent survey from the Australian Government.

“We’ve looked at the research and learnings from the pandemic to design a system that meets the specific needs of the property industry,” Jones says.

Jones points to research from the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, that has uncovered several critical success factors, notably flexible access to materials, support and advice, and the right technology.

“We know that, with the right technology, online learning can be more effective than face-to-face teaching, as students learn faster at their own pace,” Jones says.

“Research shows that, on average, students retain 25-60 per cent of online material, compared to 8-10 per cent learned in a traditional classroom.”

Learning at Property Council of Australia will boast an ever-growing library of exclusive content and courses and complements the new National Mentoring Program which launched this week. Further plans to expand how the Property Council delivers education, training and events is also afoot.

“Our industry accounts for nearly 13 per cent of Australia’s economic activity and is the country’s largest employer. This investment in professional development will support our industry, the backbone of the economy,” Morrison concludes.

Visit Learning at Property Council of Australia to start your anytime, anywhere learning today.