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Our Place shares the capital's success stories

PROPERTY AUSTRALIA February 11, 2020

Too often dismissed as a ‘government town’, Canberra supports a growing property industry. And that industry has joined forces to share the stories of the people building a vibrant national capital.

The ACT’s property industry accounts for more than $3 billion of economic activity and contributes almost $1 billion, nearly 60%, of the territory’s total income from taxes.

As the second biggest private employer, the local property industry also generates around 200,000 direct and indirect jobs, drives economic growth and supports renewal across Canberra.

The ‘Our Place’ campaign is a combined initiative of the Property Council, the Master Builders Association and the Canberra Business Chamber to showcase the industry’s contribution to a prosperous, vibrant city.

The campaign celebrates the stories of members, developers, builders, architects, planners, engineers and local businesses – all of those involved in designing, planning, building and managing the property assets which support a growing city.

According to the Property Council’s ACT Executive Director, Adina Cirson, the campaign aims to balance some of the negative media commentary about the development industry with stories about the people behind the local companies, quality projects and inspiring contributions.

“Companies don’t build houses or businesses. People do. We want to shine a light on the great things people in our industry are doing for Canberra,” Cirson says.

Some of the names behind the campaign include Travis Doherty, CEO of the Village Building Company, George Katheklakis, long-time leader of KDN Group, Canberra Town Planners' Nichelle Jackson and nurse-turned-civil-construction specialist Kirsty Reaks, who works for Downer Group.

“People are the drivers behind Canberra’s transformation – and they are creating the new residential and commercial spaces and diverse employment and lifestyle opportunities,” Cirson adds.

The Our Place website features case studies and profiles of those working in the industry, as well as a member toolkit to help people spread the message.

Cirson says the campaign will continue to evolve in coming months.

“Our industry is leading the transformation of Canberra, and there are so many positive and exciting stories to tell about the people and projects which are making it happen. Tell us yours!” If you would like to know more about getting involved or how to profile “your place” then contact ACT Executive Director Adina Cirson