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People-centric property leader

Karen Jamal Karen Jamal June 8, 2021

Dr Elena Limnios runs property developments from concept to handing over the keys. Find out more about her people-centric approach in our latest installment of Secret Stars of Property.

Dr Elena Limnios, Director, Limnios Projects

Three words to describe my job… Multidisciplinary, people-centric and never dull!

When I explain my role to people outside the property industry, I say… I run property developments from concept to handing over the keys.

My three daily work essentials are… Always think what could be done differently, problem solve, organise teams (and lots of coffee in between).

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in my role… Talk to people. Develop relationships. Never settle with “it can’t be done”. When managing a project if you pick up the phone you make sure everyone is on the same page and the follow-up email is a two-liner not a two-page essay.

My career motivation is… I was an Assistant Professor at the University of Western Australia, and have world-leading expertise in cooperative and mutual enterprise, which I now apply through by board positions and in development. I realised that working for a big business was not for me. I am motivated by the freedom that self-employment provides, I pick my clients and the projects that interest me, I work harder and at all hours as I am also a mother of two, but it is all worth it when you are doing something that you enjoy.

My advice to others considering a career in my field… Take time to know what you want. Always try to be the best that you can be. Stick with one employer for three to five years before you consider moving on.

The building or project that embodies what I do… That’s a hard one as my work is very diverse… there’s the Lion Dairy industrial redevelopment incorporating three sites into one with complex traffic management, staging and dealing with latent conditions. Caltex Forrest Highway Service Centres is another, and one of only two freeway service centres in WA. And 8 Parker Street in South Perth, is one of the most luxurious high-rise development that Perth has seen.

The inspirational quote I live by… Never leave for tomorrow what can be done today

This year I’ll be… Reaching for the stars as development in WA is booming!

Who nominated Elena? Emily Young, Deputy Executive Director, Property Council WA

Why is Elena a Secret Star? Elena is one of the foundation members of the Property Council WA Tax Committee. She consistently brings fresh ideas and useful insights to the discussion and is a valuable contributor to our advocacy.