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Points of light

Ken Morrison Ken Morrison July 21, 2020

The latest ANZ Property Council survey confirmed the deep impact that COVID-19 is having on property industry confidence.

Taken before the latest Victorian lockdowns, it showed a slight uptick in sentiment on the previous quarter although remained strongly negative overall.

There were some points of light trying to shine through the gloom. Sixty per cent of residential members thought the HomeBuilder incentive would have a positive impact. This also shows that there is room to strengthen the impact of this stimulus – conversations which continue with federal and state governments.

This week there was pleasing progress towards a more streamlined environmental approvals process as part of the Government’s response to the Samuels review of the EPBC Act. Removing unnecessary, time consuming and costly duplication across different levels of government is a welcome and long overdue reform.

The extension of the JobKeeper program for a further six months will continue to provide welcome support for those businesses which have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. There’ll be more news on the economic front from the Treasurer tomorrow.

Amidst all the challenges and change brought about by COVID-19, we have kept our focus squarely on supporting our members and championing our industry and its contribution.

Our various industry committees are the engine room for our policy advocacy, research, professional development, diversity and member events. Being part of a committee is also a great way to build your industry networks and expertise. Shortly, we’ll be sharing details on how to nominate for our 2021/22 committees when nominations open on 24 August.