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Portman on the Park paves way for healthy living


Mirvac and Landcom have started construction of ‘Portman on the Park’ at Green Square, the latest stage of luxury apartments promising to set new standards in health and wellness.


  Why we love this project:

  • Portman on the Park is the first residential building to target a WELLv2 certification in Australia
  • The project is expected to generate more than 550 jobs in construction
  • The project will provide access to open spaces close to the CBD.


This latest development is a collection of 119 luxury apartments, many with dual aspect views of Sydney’s CBD and the town centre’s future 6,400 sqm central park, The Drying Green.

Stuart Penklis, Mirvac’s head of residential says “Portman on the Park is the first residential building to target a WELLv2 certification in Australia, with the aim to create some of the healthiest apartments in the country”.

People have reprioritised their health following the bushfires and global pandemic, and Mirvac is “taking a closer look at how we can work with our residents to enhance their wellbeing.”

MIRVAC_GreenSquare Portman on the Park_INT_2BedBalcony_Final2000The WELLv2 certification is a globally recognised benchmark designed to improve the health and wellness impacts of the built environment.

In September, the International Well Building Institute launched the latest version of the WELL Building Standard, WELL v2, with 10 categories: air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community.

Mirvac’s 200 George Street headquarters was the first building in Australia to be certified under the WELL Building Standard, and this is the first time Mirvac has applied WELL principles to a residential setting.

Mirvac managing director and CEO Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz says lessons from 200 George Street will be taken to Portman on the Park.

“Having experienced the benefits of a WELL office at our headquarters at 200 George Street, and with an understanding of the stringent requirements to gain certification, we are setting ourselves the challenge of delivering a building here at Green Square that is designed to support the wellness of its residents,” Lloyd-Hurwitz says.

Mirvac and Landcom have delivered 476 apartments at Green Square, including Ebsworth, No.8 Ebsworth, OVO and OVO at Portman Place. The most recent 28-storey OVO was launched in 2015 and completed in August 2018.

Portman on the Park is the only apartment building in Green Square with frontage to the proposed new park, The Drying Green, and will feature a co-working space, wellness centre and landscaped outdoor space.

MIRVAC_GreenSquare Portman on the Park_EXT_SiteThroughLink_Final2000

Many apartments, designed by CO-AP in collaboration with Mirvac Design, offer a dual aspect, allowing cross-ventilation and views to both The Drying Green and Sydney CBD.

It is also close to the City of Sydney’s $540 million new community amenities including the new library, public plaza, aquatic centre and cultural centre.  

Other health and wellness initiatives include floor to ceiling windows and programmable lighting systems that tune white and warm light to mimic the dawn to dusk experience.

“We’ve conducted extensive research into our customers’ needs and wants in a home and have created a truly unique offering at Portman on the Park that raises the bar in luxury living in Sydney,” Penklis says.

“We are proud to continue with construction at Green Square, providing 550 jobs over the construction period, and contributing to the recovery of the economy.” MIRVAC_GreenSquare Portman on the Park_EXT_Balcony_Final2000