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Reliable, repeatable and real-time

Karen Jamal Karen Jamal September 14, 2021

Looking at last month’s energy bills won’t help Australian property companies eliminate carbon emissions. “Only reliable, repeatable real-time data will help us meet the challenge of net zero,” says Yurika’s Brad Pye.

Australia’s biggest property companies are moving towards net zero emissions at speed. Twenty seven Australian organisations representing 1,313 million sqm of space have signed up to the WorldGBC's Advancing Net Zero pledge, for example, and have their sights set on net zero emissions by 2030.

Many property companies have invested in technology to monitor and measure their emissions. But that doesn’t mean they have the tools to turn that measurement into meaningful insight, says Pye, Yurika’s general manager for metering.

End-to-end energy solutions leader, Yurika, provides a suite of solutions to help building owners make the transition to net zero. Yurika is technology agnostic and its smart metering is part of a value chain of renewable energy solutions.

Yurika helps property owners to unravel an increasingly complex energy ecosystem.

Twenty years ago, Australia’s energy market was a one-way street with energy flowing from the power station to the customer’s door. Basic metering helped energy companies to bill customers for their consumption but offered little actionable insight.

Today, bidirectional energy flows from both traditional power sources and customer-generated energy sources, like solar panels. Smart metering can capture these energy flows across multiple utilities and sites.

“With the support of smart meters, we are moving to a model where real-time data – rather than historic data in energy bills – informs decisions about energy demand and supply,” Pye explains.

At the simplest level, more accurate and visible information on energy consumption can encourage building customers to change their behaviour. Smart meters, however, can unlock much greater reductions than those extracted from incremental behavioural change.

Advancements in battery technologies and solar panels mean buildings can generate and store their own electricity on a much larger scale. But this micro generation must be backed by “reliable, repeatable real-time data,” Pye adds.

Smart meters underpin the physical infrastructure and vast pool of customer data required to drive the next phase of the net zero challenge, from electric vehicles to embedded networks to “edge of grid” next generation solutions.

Smart metering can also support a “partnership approach” to net zero commitments between landlord and tenant, Pye adds.

“It’s easy to get lost in the detail – which is why you need the right expertise to help. Yurika’s message is to engage us and engage us early. We have a nationally accredited metering system that is verifiable and consistent. We can help property companies to build the right structure and lay down the foundations for solutions for now and for the future.”

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