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Smart connected solar solutions ahead


Power purchase agreements, microgrids, battery storage, embedded networks and electric vehicle charging stations… the dizzying array of new energy solutions can be disorienting. But Yurika, part of the Energy Queensland Group, can help.

The energy sector is evolving at light speed and customers face an “overwhelming number of choices and quite a few threats,” says Victor Young, Yurika’s general manager responsible for commercial and industrial energy services.

Spiralling energy costs, exponential growth in new technologies and convergence between the real estate, utilities and transport sectors makes it a “challenging and complex” landscape for customers to navigate, Young explains.

Enter Yurika, Energy Queensland energy services which was established to give customers greater choice and control, drive down costs, and generate economic growth and jobs.

Energy Queensland is Australia’s largest electricity distribution business, with assets of more than $24 billion.

“As part of a company owned by the Queensland Government and with 100 years’ legacy behind us, we can help customers navigate the energy market from a robust and trusted position, but with the agility of a non-regulated entity.”

Young says Yurika is determined to drive a whole new way of thinking about energy – how we generate, store, consume and pay for it – and is working with a wide range of customers, from mines to sugar mills, remote Indigenous communities to large-scale property owners.

Yurika has spearheaded a range of projects across Queensland, including the Electric Super Highway from Cairns to Coolangatta, connecting the large number of new solar and wind farms to the transmission and distribution networks, developing network battery storage, as well as the rollout of digital meters across Australia.

“We are currently working with large shopping centre owners that want to improve their customer loyalty and see enhancing their energy offering as a really good way to differentiate themselves.”

While the property industry has been at the forefront of the energy revolution in recent times, Young says many companies “are seeing opportunities and making decisions in isolation”.

“A holistic approach means they end up with fewer stranded assets”.

Among Yurika’s “smart” services are a rooftop solar solution which improves energy production and meter systems that provide businesses with the data that enables them to take control of their energy consumption.

Yurika’s Virtual Power Plant, meanwhile, is a cloud-based platform that intelligently manages different power sources – rooftop solar, emergency generators, batteries, biogas, demand response and more – and transforms real-time data into meaningful insights  allowing businesses to optimise energy-producing as well as consuming assets and uncover additional income streams.

“Our message is simple. Owners of commercial property can ask more questions about their relationship with energy and what it can do for their business. In doing so, they can reposition energy from being a cost to a value-add to their customers.”

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