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Starting up the jobs machine

Ken Morrison Ken Morrison July 7, 2020

Rebooting the economy is going to require determined action on a number of fronts from Australian governments, business and households.

Later this month, the Federal Government is expected to outline the future of its JobKeeper and Jobseeker payments which have provided vital income support throughout the depths of the COVID-19 induced downturn. 

The government will need to rule a line through these huge expenditures at some point, but will also want to avoid prematurely pulling support from sectors of the economy that are still in deep trouble. And as we’ve seen in Victoria this week, the battle against COVID-19 is far from over.

Right now, there is a clear and present opportunity to support jobs and boost the economy through a major drive to improve the energy efficiency of our built environment. 

It’s an economic stimulus package that can be delivered quickly, made locally, is COVID-proof and offers substantial economic and environmental benefits.

An energy efficiency push in partnership with business and households would create jobs, ease energy bill stress for households, improve business productivity and resilience, and put us on a sustainable pathway to a low-cost emissions future.

The Property Council joined the Australian Council of Social Service, the Australian Industry Group and the Energy Efficiency Council in a national summit last week to build momentum behind the idea. 

Energy efficiency can be a jobs machine, and one that we need to start up now.