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The Property Council's Academy wants you!


With 20 online courses already on offer and more to come, the Property Council Academy is calling for established and emerging leaders to share their expertise and fill the industry’s knowledge gaps.


Three key takeaways:

  • The Property Council Academy is seeking submissions for thought leadership and technical content for its online library
  • The hunt is on for diverse talent by age, gender and geography
  • 100-plus courses are expected to be online by 1 January 2021.


According to Property Council Academy director Kelly Jones, members have requested access to more online, low-cost learning and professional development content “both during and beyond COVID-19”.

A total of 20 courses are currently on offer, from an introduction to property law to trends in commercial leasing.

“We know there are some big knowledge gaps in the online learning offerings currently out there in the market, and we want to work collaboratively with our members to fill those gaps,” Jones says.

“Online learning is flexible – you can read things or watch something over as many times as you need. And in a hard-working industry like ours, being able to choose the time and place you learn is very appealing.

“We see this as an opportunity for both established and emerging leaders to share their knowledge, raise their profiles as subject matter experts and give back to the industry.”

The Property Academy is looking for educational presentations and thought leadership videos, roughly 20-30 minutes in length and recorded via the Academy’s Zoom Meeting platform.

Jones says her team is on the hunt for a wide variety of video content, from the macro to the micro.

“We’re after everything from tips to boost business resilience and navigate the road to recovery post-COVID to sector specific, niche or technical topics. We are also looking for presenter diversity across age, gender and geography.”

Jones says the Property Council Academy team is ambitious.

“We want to increase the educational offerings to 100 videos by the beginning of next year.”

Submit your online content abstract to Kelly Jones at the Property Council Academy. And don’t forget to check out the online courses already on offer at the Property Academy and book today.