Advocacy New South Wales

New Property, Economic and Demographic Data Available

NSW October 10, 2019

About the data room

The Property Council welcomes users to its own Data Room, opening the door to Australia’s most comprehensive source of economic and property data.

The Data Room is an online resource provided by the Property Council, hosting the work of its internal research team. It allows over 80 sets of data to be easily accessed and includes the 12 categories of:

  • Economy
  • Hotels
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Retirement living
  • Non-residential
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Sustainability
  • Foreign investment
  • Government & taxes
  • Cities & infrastructure

It is one of Australia’s most comprehensive resource for economic and property-related data. 

There is information about all things property related, from stamp duty costs to sustainability, as well as vacancy rates to unemployment rates are accessible by the public.. 

The Data Room exists to make data and information on property from different sources compiled into one place and enables it to be downloaded and shared. It is available for access here and  check out this videofor a short walkthrough of the database.