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Timnit Tessema's best career advice


“Measure twice, cut once” is the best advice that Multiplex Constructions site engineer Timnit Tessema has gleaned during her career. Learn more about what drives her in #iworkinproperty.

Timnit Tessema, Site Engineer, Multiplex Constructions

Property is… a great industry to work in as it plays such a huge role in everyone’s lives. It is all around us and an essential part of our life.

Three words to describe my job… Detail-oriented, multi-faceted and fast-paced.

Workday essentials… Tape measure, notepad and iPad.

My most valuable skill… Communication and versatility. Being adaptable in a constantly changing environment is essential as you are faced with new technologies, building methodologies, environments and people.

My biggest career lesson… Always double check your work. “Measure twice, cut once” saves you a whole lot of time and trouble by taking a moment to check a simple email, drawing or measurement.

The city I’m drawn to… Currently it’s Sydney because there is a lot happening on the skyline and I really enjoy the atmosphere and lifestyle.

My childhood dream… To design and build a notable structure.

My biggest inspiration… My parents. Their path was never easy; their resilience, strength and determination to provide a better life for themselves and their family is inspirational. They have always taught my siblings and I that we should always try to make a positive impact and to always be who we really are, by not letting society put us in a box.

My downtime is spent… Travelling, hanging out with friends and family and catching up on sleep.

My next big step… is to, long-term, run my own project and make a positive impact in the industry.

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