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Top of the pops

Karen Jamal Karen Jamal December 7, 2021

What stories captured the interest of Property Australia readers in 2021? Catch up on some of the best reads you may have missed.


  1. David Harrison takes out the telescope

13 July: David Harrison, industry titan, Charter Hall chief and Property Council national president, is famed for his shrewd leadership and long-term view. As he stares at the horizon, what does Harrison see?


  1. Early adapter: Greg Goodman’s view from the top

19 October: As the world gears up for the COP26 climate talks, Greg Goodman has a clear message for the property industry. “Governments can set targets, but corporations and capital must lead the change.”


  1. Mirvac flexes its innovation muscle

27 April: How do you make innovation everyone’s day job? Teresa Giuffrida, Mirvac’s group general manager of innovation, spills the tea.


  1. How to rethink and revitalise our CBDs

16 February: Most Australians are confident their CBDs will bounce back, according to EY Sweeney research, but our opportunity is to “lean into disruption” and make them better than before, says EY’s Selina Short.


  1. Build-to-rent boosts sustainability

3 August: A “structural shift” towards sustainable residential development is underway, and build-to-rent is a big driver, says Sentinel’s managing director in Australia, Keith Lucas.


  1. Do we want transactional or transformational workplaces?

20 July: The risk of transactional workplaces – where people trade their time for nothing but a pay cheque – is very real, says Kevin George from Dexus. The solution? Transformational workplaces that are also a whole lot of fun.


  1. Trends transforming industrial

23 March: The rapid acceleration of e-commerce, global supply chain challenges and buying frenzies have changed supply chains forever. We asked some of the industry’s industrial experts for their take on the trends.


  1. Reconciliation takes action

25 May: This year’s theme for National Reconciliation Week urges us to towards action. We asked four First Nations property people from AMP Capital, QIC, DLG Shape and Scentre Group to share their thoughts.


  1. Will cities survive and thrive?

6 April: Twenty years ago, Richard Florida coined the phrase “creative class” with a theory that clusters of knowledge workers make more prosperous cities. Now he’s thinking about how we can create better, more equal cities post-pandemic.


  1. Demographics for a new decade

1 June: Australia’s population will be one million less in 2022 than expected pre-pandemic. But hidden behind this statistic is a huge opportunity to create more vibrant CBDs and better quality buildings, says demographer Simon Kuestenmacher.