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Vaccine Task Force seeks support

Karen Jamal Karen Jamal July 13, 2021

The Australian Government is calling on the property industry to bring forward ideas to support the vaccine rollout. Here’s how you can help.


Three key takeaways

  • Federal treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, and coordinator general of the Vaccine Task Force, Lt Gen Frewen, are calling for the private sector to bring forward ideas to support the vaccine rollout
  • The Property Council asks members to offer sites as pop-up temporary vaccination centres to assist the rapid vaccination program
  • Contact Property Council group executive for policy and advocacy, Mike Zorbas, to express interest or learn more.


Property Council chief executive Ken Morrison was at a virtual business roundtable last week hosted by federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg. The roundtable brought together some of the nation’s largest business groups and employers, including Coles, Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, Wesfarmers, Virgin and Qantas, to discuss a plan to boost vaccination numbers.

Wesfarmers has suggested Bunnings or Officeworks could be vaccination hubs, while Qantas has announced free frequent flyer points for those who get the jab.

Morrison says the Retirement Living Council has been working with its members to coordinate efforts of retirement community operators. There are also ongoing discussions with shopping centre owners, he says.

“There's a lot that business can do to support the vaccine rollout and the property industry stands ready to help,” Morrison says.

The Vaccine Task Force anticipates an adequate vaccine supply by the end of September. The challenge will then be to increase the capacity of the vaccine distribution network.

The Property Council is now putting out the call to all property owners and managers to support the effort, with the Task Force expressing a preference for outdoor proposals in capital and large regional city locations.

Property Council members can also support the vaccination rollout by reinforcing vaccine communication messages to tenants and staff, and by arranging for staff to be vaccinated by in-workplace providers.

The Property Council has lent its support for the Australian Government’s four-step pathway out of the COVID-19 crisis, which Morrison says “will encourage all Australians to be vaccinated as soon as possible and provide a greater sense of normality for the community”.

Contact Property Council group executive for policy and advocacy, Mike Zorbas, to express interest or learn more.