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Who’s behind the best returns?

Karen Jamal Karen Jamal August 3, 2021

Rhiannon Sharpe has always been interested in the intersection of economics and property. Now, as an assistant fund manager with Charter Hall, she helps Australians get the best returns for their super. Introducing our latest Secret Star…

Rhiannon Sharpe, Assistant Fund Manager for Charter Hall Prime Office Fund, Charter Hall

Three words to describe my job… Fast-paced, active and strategic!

When I explain my role to people outside the property industry, I say… I work in a team where we buy, develop and manage office buildings on behalf of investors – many of which are investing your superannuation to get the best returns.

My three daily work essentials are…

  • Coffee! I like to order it in advance from Charter Hall’s Charli app on the way into work, so I can just swing by the barista bar and grab it when I arrive at the office.
  • My to-do list – it keeps me focused and efficient.
  • Checking my calendar before logging off – I’m always thinking forward to what’s on my agenda for the day ahead.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in my role… It’s important to take time to regularly reflect on what you’re spending time on during workdays and assess whether it’s the most effective use of your hours.

My career motivation is… Since I was studying at university, I’ve always been interested in the intersection of economics and property – especially as property is an asset class that’s highly relevant to the lives of most Australians, shaping how they live and work. I love that my role at Charter Hall allows me to drive meaningful outcomes for our investors and be part of a strategic decision-making process. It’s pretty exciting to be involved in running one of the largest wholesale office funds in the country with approximately $7 billion of funds under management.

My advice to others considering a career in my field… Work hard, read up as much as you can and surround yourself with motivated people!

The building or project that embodies what I do… 130 Lonsdale Street at Wesley Place in Melbourne – it’s a perfect example of how we can strategically match capital with opportunity. This combined with our strong tenant customer relationships has contributed to the overall success of this project.

The inspirational quote I live by… “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan

This year I’ll be… Enjoying being back working in the office with my colleagues and growing in my new role as assistant fund manager.

Who nominated Rhiannon? Matthew Brown, Head of Investment Management and Fund Manager for Charter Hall Prime Office Fund, Charter Hall

Why is Rhiannon a Secret Star of Property? Rhiannon has been a solid contributor to the Charter Hall business since joining the group in 2015. Her broad experience base has allowed her to add significant value to the teams in which she has worked over recent years. These experiences have made her an effective manager of her growing analyst team. Rhiannon’s strong performance has afforded her the opportunity to take on more responsibilities at Charter Hall culminating in her appointment as assistant fund manager for CPOF.