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Why Jessica Solano is a Secret Star

Karen Jamal Karen Jamal March 1, 2021

We’re shining a spotlight on the secret stars of property. This week Prime Build’s contracts administrator Jessica Solano shares her career lessons and highlights.

Jessica Solano, Contracts Administrator, Prime Build

Three words to describe my job… Collaborative, challenging and rewarding

When I explain my role to people outside the property industry, I say… I administer and manage project specific contracts and budgets. Essentially, I’m the right hand to a project manager, helping to maintain good working relationships within the team and manage the project from start to finish.

My three daily work essentials are… Almond milk coffee, laptop and phone.030321 - Story 4 - Secret Stars - Jessica Solano

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in my role… Prioritise tasks, be flexible to change and maintain good working relationships. Every day presents a different set of challenges.

My career motivation is… I generally thrive on personal and career growth. Maintaining good working relationships and industry experience gives me a sense of fulfilment.

My advice to others considering a career in my field… This isn’t a standard nine-to-five job. Every day presents a different set of challenges. Every day you learn how to manage and address situations better than you did the day before. The reward is twofold. You grow professionally and you grow personally.

The building or project that embodies what I do… Coles’ frontend rollouts, which have required different approaches to project management and on-site delivery.

The inspirational quote I live by… "Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” – Kobe Bryant

This year I’ll be… Focusing on work life balance.

Who nominated Jessica? Ronan Devlin, Project Manager, Prime Build

What makes Jessica a Secret Star? Within our industry there are many unsung heroes. These people quite often work in administrative roles that are integral to the success of the project, but are not at the coal face, and so get overlooked.

The contract administration job quite often falls into this area. Jess is a linchpin within our team. Her dedication, hard work and attention to detail is vital for our current success and the future success of our business. She has grown in confidence by running the finances for this project and continues to help the team and grow her leadership skills.

Property Council members, do you work with someone who is deserving of recognition? We’re looking for the property industry’ ‘secret stars’. They might have an unusual job, be running an innovative project, have been a team linchpin for decades or a new addition that is shaking things up. Drop us a line to