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Why Maeve Foley works in property

PROPERTY AUSTRALIA February 10, 2020

Scentre Group’s Maeve Foley runs the biggest shopping centre in Western Australia. Beyond a sense of humour, coffee and a long to-do list, how does Maeve thrive in our industry?

Maeve Foley, Centre Manager, Scentre Group

Property is… Westfield Carousel

I choose to work in property because… We all interact with real estate every day whether at home, in work or socialising. The world will always need houses and buildings and they will only get better and better. It’s an incredibly diverse and tangible industry.

I describe my job to friends and family… I tell them I run the largest shopping centre in Western Australia, and everyone always says: “That’s nice, what shop do you manage in there?”. I’ve given up trying to explain what I do!

My three workday essentials… A good sense of humor, coffee and my to do list!

My typical day at work… I always start the day with a coffee and a walk around the centre to make sure it presents well for the day ahead. I’m quite personable (aka a chatterbox) so I spend a lot of time catching up with my team or chatting to other colleagues or our retailers. You can often look around and wonder where the time has gone but it’s the best way to troubleshoot and make decisions.

My most valuable skill… I have a solid work ethic. I always do what I say I will, and I work very hard to deliver for my company and team.

My biggest career lesson… To believe in myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being your own best advocate and I find this is something people sometimes struggle with, especially women.

My childhood dream… To be a professional showjumper. I’ve been riding horses since I was seven and used to compete to national Grand Prix level in Ireland.

My biggest inspiration… I have an obsession with self-help books and honestly own about 200 so I read about a lot of very inspiring and successful individuals. However, I find most inspiring people are often colleagues and people within my network.

My downtime is spent… At the beach mostly, being Irish we are obsessed with the beach and weather over here. Even in the winter, we will swim in the sea, although we get a lot of funny looks!

My next big step… I ask myself this question a lot. I have had a really quick career acceleration over the last two years and am very happy where I am right now. In my career, I want to be known as an impactful leader that makes a difference and leaves a legacy.

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